Shivam Kumar
Junior Partner, Qualegal

Mr. Kumar is in-charge of the Litigation Team here at Qualegal and handles our cases before the Writ Courts, Tribunals and District Courts across India. He is a product of National Law University and is an indispensable figure in the structure of this boutique law firm. Mr. Kumar is an expert in Constitutional, Commercial & Criminal Litigation. He has been a part of renowned and prestigious law firms like Economic Law Practices and PDS Legal. Apart from this, he has worked closely with Advocate Generals and Standing Councils for various States.

Over the years, Mr. Kumar has shown tremendous promise and a nack for the intricacies of the law. His capacity to conduct and argue matters is unparalleled and since the very beginning of his career he has hands on experience in handling and conducting court proceedings before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, various High Courts and Tribunals across the nation.