lawyer for family dispute

Divorce Family Dispute Wife Husband SeparationFrom disputes arising from Division of Joint Family Property to Getting Possession of your share in that property, we are here for you from the beginning to the end. Legal Notices, Suits for Permanent or Temporary Injunctions, Illegal Disposition from your property, Partition Suits, whether mutual or otherwise, is a regular day in the court for us. This is one place where you can get all the solutions to your legal problem in property situated in New Delhi.

Apart from the above, our firm deals with any dispute arising out of or in relation to a matrimony, be in Maintenance proceedings under Section 125 Cr.P.C or under the respective marriage acts in India, or be it any application or petition for Divorce within the Matrimonial Laws or any further difficulties, be it custody of a minor child or any property associated therein are also fought out be our law firm on a regular basis. We provide in-house services and representation from the beginning of the disputes i.e. Sending Legal Notice, Initiating Proceedings for Restitution, Divorce – Be it Mutually agreed upon or otherwise, or Maintenance Proceedings or Custody Petitions, we are one stop for all your legal problems.